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Respite Services: 

  • Private Pay ($27/hour minimum) 

  • LFs contracts with North Metro, Imagine, DDRC, and Envision CCB (Community Centered Board) for Medicaid reimbursement if the client is on a CES (Child Extensive Services) or SLS (Supported Living Services)  

  • LFs contracts with Easter Seals/Colorado Respite Coalition to provide respite services through their respite grant program if the parents have a grant through them 

Therapy Services: 

  • Private Pay at current Medicaid rates for evaluations and therapy sessions 

  • OT/PT and Speech therapies do not go through the CCB’s 

  • Insurance is billed directly from Lil’ Friends to the carrier  

  • Can bill Medicaid and private insurance 

  • Out of network for all private insurance carriers 

*We are able to provide both clinic based and home based therapy as well as at location and in home respite. 

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